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Frequently Asked Pool Repair & Maintenance Questions

My pool only leaks when the pump is running. What should I do?

The most common cause of this symptom is a bad spoke gasket in the multiport valve only filter. Simply remove the key cover assembly and replace the spoke gasket and/or rotor assembly as required.

My pool liner and steps have brown stains on them that will not brush off. What should I do?

The pool surface is probably stained from metals or organic substances being present in the water. Take a water sample to your pool professional and have it analyzed. A chemical designed specifically for stain removal in swimming pools is available and can be applied to help with this problem.

My pool water test shows no chlorine present in the water, but I can smell the chlorine. Do I need a new test kit? The chlorine odor is so strong I know there must be plenty of chlorine in the water.

You probably have a buildup of chlorimines in your pool water. You should be testing for both free and total chlorine with your test kit. Your pool water needs to be shocked with an approved oxidize/sanitizer in order to rid the pool water of the build up of chloramines. Once your pool sanitizer level is in balance, the odor will go away.

My pool light bulb is burnt out. Do I have to drain my pool in order to put a new bulb in?

No. The light fixture can be removed by loosening the retaining screw which holds the fixture in the niche. The light can then be removed from the niche and put on the pool deck so that it can be serviced. Note: Always make sure the breaker is turned off before beginning to service a pool light. It is a good idea to replace the lens gasket when replacing the bulb.